Hardly will you visit the lobby of any online casino and not find different kinds of video slots. Slots are one of the most popular casino games primarily because they are interesting to play and they also offer players a chance to land huge wins. There are some slots such as progressive jackpot slots that have offered players millions as winnings. One other thing that makes slots popular is that you can claim different kinds of bonuses to use on them. This article will explain these slot bonuses and what to consider when claiming them. Go to online-casino-games for top online casinos with an incredible selection of slots.

Online Casino Bonuses for Slots

Most online casinos offer both their players different kinds of awesome bonuses that they can use to play their favourite slot games and stand a chance to win from it. One of the most common online casino bonuses for slots is the welcome bonus. This bonus is given to new players as a way of welcoming them aboard and allowing them to test the different features of the casino. The bonus can be a deposit bonus or no deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses can be claimed by making a qualifying deposit while no deposit bonuses are added to a player's account without depositing any money.

  • Casino bonuses for slots often have terms and conditions that guide how to claim and win from them.
  • Slot bonuses offered by online casinos vary from one to the other.

Another type of bonus that online casinos offer players and that can be used to play video slots is free spins. Free spins give you a chance to play an extra round on a slot without risking your own money. For instance, an online casino may offer its loyal players 50 free spins which they can use on a specific video slot game. You should, however, be aware that the number of free spins that you can claim at one gambling site may differ from that offered by another casino. Additionally, some casinos offer free spins in conjunction with other bonuses such as the case of welcome bonuses.

You can also claim cashback bonuses and use it on your favourite slots. A cashback bonus refers to a percentage of the money that you have lost playing at an online casino for a particular duration, which the casino has given back to you as a bonus. For instance, an online casino may offer players a 30% cashback that is capped at a specific amount for losses made in the previous week. When using casino bonuses on slot games, please be aware that you must adhere to the terms and conditions set by the casino such as the wagering requirement and validity period.

In-game Slot Bonuses

Apart from casino bonuses that you can use on slots, developers of video slots also usually include bonus features in their game which you can trigger at any time. One of the most popular bonus features available in a slot game is free spins. This is usually triggered when you land a particular number of special symbols on the game grid at the same time. As with casino free spins, in-game slot free spins will give you a chance to play free rounds on the game without betting real money. In some cases, free spins can be retriggered in video slots.

Another common bonus feature that you can find in many online video slots is the Multiplier feature. When triggered, this bonus feature will multiply our winnings by a particular number so that you can walk away with huge wins. Some video slots also come with wild symbols that can substitute every other symbol apart from the scatter icon to help players create more winning potentials. You can check the bonus features that a developer has included in a vide slot by clicking on the information or help button in the game, or by reading reviews about the game online.